Chase has done many small jobs for me over the past few years. What matters to me most is his honesty, his “can do” attitude, and his thoroughness. For these reasons, I keep asking him for help!
— Tina Fontana
I have worked with Chase for years on projects involving creative improvising and a high
degree of technical skill. His work ethic is second to none and I’ve always felt that the job
would be done on time and done right when working with Chase. His character is what I would
expect from his solid rural Montana roots.
— Matt Gobeille, Harvest Moon Woodworks, Inc.
Chase installed the stereo and speaker system in my restaurant. He was not only efficient and informative but also a joy to work with. Quick, seamless and affordable work. I would highly recommend Chase to anybody who needs any type of ‘tech’ work done.
— Patrick MacCrone Raganellis's Pizza
Since we moved to Bend, Chase has helped with one project after another to get our house put together. From hanging pictures to setting up the surround sound and our theatre. He is always responsive, prompt, and quick to follow up. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— Katie Riggs
I am so very glad I found Chase! He specializes in home owners with little to medium sized projects because he recognizes that the other handyman service companies/independent guys don’t always like the little stuff. He is very knowledgeable in lots of areas. He built us a crawl space door with frame and rushed over to help our tenant with a plumbing issue. He spoke to the plumbers on the phone who also came out to investigate and told them what he found. I LOVE him!
— Alexis Boyles
So happy with Hi-Tek Handyman. Reasonable pricing and quality work. The attention to detail and respect he showed in our home for sure earns Hi-Tek the full five stars.
— Chastity Vermeer
I have an old house which needed windows stained that I installed years ago, but never finished. Chase got the windows (and door) stained to match the originals, installed the hardware, and he gave the originals a little refresh, as well.

Throughout the process, he demonstrated his commitment to the work, was knowledgeable about all the little DIY questions I peppered him with, completed the tasks with efficiency and precision, and quoted me a very fair price for the work. I plan to hire him and his wife (Nicole Fontana) for some painting in a few weeks, and I know that I’ll be pleased with the work (the color consult was already spot on).

I highly recommend Chase Campbell for any house project. Very refreshing to have his skill set without having to hire multiple “specialists”. He has skills in building, painting/staining, and electronics that I have witnessed directly. I suspect he can do about anything!
— Brenda Johnson
Chase is the best! He can do anything and is very reliable.
— Lisa Kearns
Once again Chase has done a great job for us! If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, dependable, responsive handyman who does quality work then definitely call Hi-Tek Handyman. Great work every time!
— Julia Neary
Chase has played a vital role in completing multiple small and large projects in and around our property. On time and budget! I would highly recommend the Hi-Tek handyman!
— Ryan Peterson
Chase has a few characteristics that the majority of contractors I’ve dealt with in the past simply lack.
He gladly takes on multiple smaller projects when other contractors pass on them.
He communicates very well. Every call and text message was returned in a timely manner.
He delivers exactly what he promises and does it in the agreed to timeframe.
His fees are extremely reasonable and fair.
He shows up on time, gets to work right away and keeps working until he’s finished.
He does very good work, he’s polite and cleans up after himself.
When it comes to contractors working on any aspect of my home, I’m selective. With that said, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Chase again and would happily refer him to anyone looking for a high quality handyman. I just wish I would’ve found him sooner. A trustworthy, honest reliable handyman is priceless. Thanks Chase!
— EP Kollar
Chase is the best! Always shows up right on time, has a great, can-do attitude, and he’ll tackle just about everything, and do a great job. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone.
— Terry Healey
By far, the most qualified second pair of hands we have every contracted with. From painting and specialty coatings to general construction He even re-programmed our internet router with a more versatile firmware for better control. Chase also brought new life to our 30 year old boiler by soldering and repairing a damaged component on the circuit board which is no longer available from the factory. Truly a jack of all trades.
— Sure Water Systems David Laing
Chase at Hi-Tek Handyman has been very responsive and professional with the projects my family and I have hired him for. He is knowledgable and explains things in a way that would make sense to any homeowner. His pricing is fair and reasonable. Definitely appreciate the level of communication throughout the process, which puts ones mind at ease during these projects.
— Kris Helmstead