Hi-Tek Handyman: The Future Of Your Home Depends On It.  


Our goal with Hi-Tek Handyman is to accommodate the smaller jobs that most contractors in Bend are too busy to handle.  Our well rounded skill set comes from many jobs in all of the different construction trades.  As technology creeps more and more into our lives our 10 plus years experience with internet services and home audio video is sure to be of value.  We have the patience to solve hard to diagnose issues and love a good challenge.  With an artist on our team, we also accommodate faux finishes, Venetian plaster, murals, and custom artwork as well (www.FontanaPainting.com).  It is important to us that every customer feels important no matter how simple or small the project.   With over 18 years of construction and tech experience we cannot wait to see what you have for us.  Looking forward to helping with any project or any questions you may have.

Chase Campbell and Nicole Fontana-Campbell